Plant producing frozen goods

If our enterprises had IDs, they would look like this:

Name: KAMPOL-FRUIT Sp.z o.o.
Age: about 20 years (established in: 1992)
Property: private (Piotr Furmański with family)
Form of activity: production and trade
Place of activity: Biała Rawska and Milejów (Lubelskie voivodeship)
Specific features: passion for fruits and vegetables in any form all year long

Our company wasn’t founded by accident. Biała Rawska, a calm commune with almost nine thousand residents can pride itself on its great connectivity. Indeed; it is located on important roads E-67 (Warsaw-Silesia) and E-77 (Warsaw-Kraków). It is easy to get to Łódź through Rawa and to Terespol through Grójec. It is important for every kind of business. But the closest roads from Biała Rawska lead to… apple trees, pear trees, as well as plantations of strawberries and blackcurrants. Intensive and efficient fruit growing on the area of 5 000 hectares which give on average 150 000 tonnes of apples and berries per year is a key resource of the commune. How could anyone not see this?!

We started traditionally by purchasing and selling industrial fruits. Then, our offer grew to include table fruits which, having prepared in our modern sorting plant in Biała Rawska, we supply to chains of well-known brands in Poland and about 10 European countries. At the same time we have been developing contract production of apple juice concentrate as well as frozen fruits and vegetables, and own production of so called chilled fresh fruits – strawberries, raspberries, black and red currants, cherries – intended for the Western Europe market.

Having launched in 2009 production of concentrate fruit and vegetable juices in own plant in Milejów, KAMPOL-FRUIT become one of the top Polish companies from this sector. Current annual production comprises:
         fresh fruits (mainly apples, pears) - about 20 000 t
         industrial fruits (apples plus berries) - about 40 000 t
         apple juice concentrate - about 5 000 t
         concentrates of multiple color fruits (total) - about 1 200 t
         beetroot juice concentrate - about 1 000 t
         frozen fruits - about 8 000 t
         frozen vegetables - about 6 000 t

We take care of fruits and vegetables of any form, all year long, in any packaging, for every client, even the most demanding one. Our motto is: good raw material-the highest product quality-timeliness and reliable deliveries. We like what we do. Fruits and vegetables are our passion! Satisfaction of our clients, both domestic and foreign, proves that our effort makes sense.


Biała Rawska

ul. Owocowa 2
96-230 Biała Rawska
tel. +48 46 8158679
internal numbers
21/22 – Sales and invoicing
26 – Payments
27 - Accountancy
28 – HR
20 – Fax

Plant in Nasielsk

ul. Słoneczna 1
05-190 Nasielsk
tel. +48 22 48 75 825
internal numbers
401 – Office (Milena Puc)
402 – Office (Agnieszka Milewska)
403 – Warehouse director
404 - Production Managers
405 - General Manager
406 - Maintenance manager
407/408 – Engine room
409 – Warehouse
410 - Laboratory
411 - Reception
412 – Workshop

Plant in Milejów

ul. Partyzancka 11
21-020 Milejów
tel. +48 81 4626 001
tel. +48 81 4626 262
internal numbers
201 – Sales division
202 – Warehouse
203 - Cold store
204 – HR/Health and safety at work
205 – Concentrate store
206 – Finance-accountancy
207 - Concentrate lab.
208 – Cold store/purchasing director
209 - Sales division
216 - Concentrate office


Biała Rawska